Battlefield Drones

Three years after the beginning of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, battlefield tactics are shifting to incorporate newer technology. Ukrainian soldiers near the southeastern city of Mariupol are relying on surveillance drones to monitor the positions of Russia-backed separatists. (RFE/RL’s Ukrainian Service)

Cyber Academy

If the United States wants to remain ahead of the forthcoming cyberwars, it’s going to need a new generation of leaders. NDUS Chancellor Mark Hagerott co-authored this piece. and talks about it here.

Drone Terrorism: Not Ready?

The emergence of terrorist drones flown by ISIS in Iraq has fueled interest in drone-defense technology – while raising questions about whether the U.S. is ready for potential drone terrorist attacks on the homeland. The full story is at

Canada to Energize AI

Canada is looking to take back its lead with the launch of a new research hub dedicated to artificial intelligence. Here’s the story.

UAS Co. Expands to Minot

Drones will be flying more frequently in western North Dakota if SkySkopes has its way. Read the entire story.

Hire a Chief AI Officer?

Andrew Ng suggests in this Harvard Business Review article that hiring a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer may not be such a bad idea.

UAS Markets to Reach $2.3 Billion by 2017

According to the Market Research Store, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) markets are forecast to reach $2.3 billion dollars, worldwide by 2017. US UAS aircraft have flown one million miles over the last four years and are set to fly one million more in the next year. The pace of homeland security and commercial utilization is picking up as planners realize … Read More

Stanford University Class called “Hacking for Defense”

It’s a quintessential Silicon Valley scene. Several tech-savvy Stanford students are delivering a passionate pitch about a product they hope is going to change the world, while a room full of venture capitalists, angel investors and entrepreneurs peppers them with questions. Steve Blank, Joe Felter, and Pete Newell Steve Blank, center, a consulting associate professor at Stanford’s Department of Management … Read More